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What is an Idius?
An Idius is an idiot genius, making use of both his wisdom and his folly. The complete circle includes every direction and degree.

What is Allism?
Allism is a worldview and lifeway that incorporates any and all other worldviews. Its puzzle is pieced in The Perfect Idius.

Allism aspires to the apotheosis, or highest transformation, of any given philosophy, worldview, religion, or political orientation. In this allism is a univesal possiblity. My philosophy explores the limits of its logic at length.


Perfection Is Easy!
Time Is Now
Apotheosis beckons
Eternity bows

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~~Allism in 2014~~

Allism is emphasizing fiction in 2014, as I write the Emilegends for my daughter Emilie and the Therontales for my son Theron. My wife gifted me a Cross Gel Pen for Christmas which I have baptized and engraved as "Amakiss." My New Year's Resolution is to protect the pen, and to start a writer's group called "Aspiring Writers."

The Perfect Idius is available in its full edition! Fifteen years of work are distilled into this thick volume.

I am drafting The Emilegends as a sequal to The Natamyths part of a young adult triology.

Madeye is complete, and available as audiobook. The novella follows Dominic, who goes psychotic and sees through the world.

The Life of Allism, Volume One of The Perfect Idius, as available at Amazon here.

Lux, is also available at Amazon with a PDF for a limited time available for free here.

My brother, Nathan Andrew June, has finished his first publication, which is available on Amazon for sale. Preview it as a PDF for a limited amount of time: a children's adventure about Sam exploring his utterly overgrown lawn. With the insects so monstrously large, he can follow his tummy on a sweet adventure that confornts him with spiders, pill bugs, and so much more, revealing the secrets that exist also in our own lawns, though we don't know it.

Finally, Kosmos, the epitome of all my writing at a mere 100 pages, inspired by Whitman's poem of the same name, is also available at Amazon. For a free youtube recording of the entire book, visit my Kosmos Page.

    Due out 2014

    -- "Emilegends"

    -- "The Reading Life" -- How to read life as a book.

    -- "The Writing Life" -- Writing as a way of life..

Take care, Caretakers!

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